Acceptable licenses for registration

The two types of licensed combatants are Amateur and Professional fighters. Amateur combatants are fighters who compete as a pastime for no more than a $50 prize. Professional combatants are fighters who compete in combative sports contests frequently for prize money exceeding $50. We are looking for Professional and Amateur fighters. Apply below!

Remember! If you have corners, get them register in the state of Minnesota! The forms you need for this and things like your license and medicals you can get it at this address.

Become a Fighter

If you're a coach with a list, send it to Put in the subject, your gym and event you're wanting your fighters on. You can see what events are upcoming on our Facebook or here. Also, we will ask if you are on the card to send us a few fight photos with your hands lowered in front of a white wall to an email we will provide. For the purpose of promotional material.